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Sailor Moon Yuri

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This is a community I created for Sailor Moon Yuri, something I've loved for a long time. ^_^

The rules are simple, and are basically the same ones you see everywhere.

1. Rather someone's fanworks, or favourite pairings that may not be one of your particular favourites, it doesn't matter. NO flaming!

2. Please post large images & large posts behind an lj-cut. Large images not posted behind an lj-cut are not only distracting, but also have a tendency to distort lj layouts and cause annoying sidebars to appear at the bottom of the screen for all viewers.

3. Give appropriate warnings and ratings for fanfictions & fanarts. Mature fanworks are of course welcome here; just make sure you let everyone know if the fanwork is so.

4. Community plugs are okay, as long as they're primarily Sailor Moon and/or Yuri related. Ones that are not will be deleted. Beta requests are also welcome. Continuing on the plug topic, however, never, ever, under ANY circumstances will you be allowed to join the community JUST to make a plug, and then leave it, or anything similar to this. Yes, I have had two people do this, who posted their community plugs, and then left the community directly afterwards. I deleted their posts instantly, and banned them immediately straight afterwards.

5. This community is also Yaoi friendly, as well as Het friendly. For example, let's say you have a fic that contains both Haruka/Usagi and Mamoru/Usagi, or one that has Ami/Makoto, Mamoru/Usagi, and Mamoru/Fiore. As LONG as the fanfic contains one or more Sailor Moon Yuri pairings as either the primary focus, or a main focus, please feel free to post! Just please make sure you mention rather or not your fic also contains yaoi and/or hentai pairings aside from the yuri one(s), along with the pairing(s) contained and/or implied in the fic. If you wish the pairing(s) to be a surprise, that's also completely fine. If you're the reader, however, just make sure you read at your own risk.

Well, that's about all I can think of for now. Introductory posts are or course encouraged, but not at all required. Please feel free to post fanfictions, fanarts, icons, banners, whatever you want! ^_^

I'm the creator, sapphire17. If you have any questions or comments, please do feel free to e-mail me.

*Also, make searching for fanfics & fanarts on various pairings easier by checking this community's memories. Also saved as memorable entries apart from fics and art are entries containing doujinshi scans, icons, banners, and cosplay pictures.

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