lady_katana4544 (lady_katana4544) wrote in sailormoon_yuri,

Its been awhile :)

Hello everyone.

Not sure if this is the right community or not for this question. I'd ask though since it is an icon community for Sailor Moon. But has anyone here ever made an icon (ot3 pairing) of Setsuna/Haruka/Michiru? Or just any with the three of them together?

Thanks. :)
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No, but I take commissions if you wanna find me some pics to work with that you like.
Great! I'll send you a PM with the ones I like. :)
Okey dokie :D
how much do you charge for commissions and are you willing to do Rei/Usagi pics?

Also any chance I could see some samples of your work :)
Ah. My commissions are free? >D

All my icons and such are located at my craft journal: mars_beckons. I suppose if you wanna write fic in exchange for icons, should you want some, that'd be cool. Technically you'd be doing the hard part, ie finding the pictures.
well sounds fun. Were you wanting a Rei Usagi fic??? and if so what about or is that up to me :)
Sure, send me a PM and we will work something out. :D